Alternative Days in May – we’re looking for organizers and locations!

We plan to organize alternative days in May together with local groups and single persons. Maybe you want to participate with your group in organizing a concert or you have a location for a concert? Maybe you’d like to present your project in the region Pirna or organize a give-away flea market?

Contact us! Otherwise we’ll meet in May.

Remembrance of 27 January in town and countryside

On January 27th we commemorated the victims of fascism in Porschdorf at the former concentration camp Schwalbe III, parallel to the actions of AKuBiZ e. V. in Pirna and Heidenau. Prison conditions, mistreatment and finally the death march to Oelsen resulted in about 120-140 deaths, although the camp did not even exist for three months. The Schwarz-Roten Bergsteiger_innen and the AKuBiZ have continued their research on the camp in the last months and are currently preparing an updated publication.

Together, our team climbed the peak “Bahnhofswächter”, which most probably served as a guard post for the SS guards during the camp.

Here we laid down a wreath and waited for the remaining participants of the memorial tour. Together we met in the valley and left behind traces of imprisonment and forced labor, spread over several kilometres in the valley of Polenztal. We reported on what our research has yielded so far and read from memories of contemporary witnesses. Together we finally mourned and laid flowers down again.

For some of us we went straight on to the memorial tour in Dresden-Löbtau. About 40 neighbors gathered here to explore stations of resistance and persecution. Members and friends of the Antifa-Initiative Löbtau and the FAU leave behind original tones and research results, but also went into difficulties and forthcoming tasks in historical research. The SRB donated a wreath for the memorial commemorating the mountain sportsmen, communists and artists Fritz Schulze and Eva Schulze-Knabe.

Afterwards, the round was evaluated together and ideas for future commemoration campaigns were collected.

Networking brunch II

December 17th | from 13 o’ clock onwards mutual introduction & discussion | until 17 o’ clock Brunch

Dear fellow mountaineers, friends, comrades, colleagues,

last spring we invited to a first alternative networking brunch in the Pirna region. Throughout the afternoon there were 30 different people who came together and met each other. We know many of you better since then, we had some nice days with you and we are very happy about that. Others we didn’t know at that time or the time allowed no participation in the brunch. So it’s time for the next round.

At the end of the year, we would like to invite everyone in the region who is interested in a humanistic coexistence, a good life and self-determination according to different concepts of life in the region. The Bundestag elections in Rathmannsdorf, for example, in which right-wing radical parties accounted for almost 50% of the votes cast in Rathmannsdorf, showed just how important it is that we know each other, are well connected and also represent a more audible opposition in this district.

This time we’d like to add a more formal part to this meeting. On the one hand, we have an introductory round in mind, on the other hand we have spoken with various artists and would like to have an alternative week of events next spring, which could include readings, lectures, film screenings and concerts in various locations in the region. We would like to gather our and your ideas and see what is possible. If you also have your own ideas, feel free to contact us!

We would be happy if everyone would contribute something to the food again. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are welcome, so that everyone can join in. In order not to conjure up a right-wing wave on the Internet, we would ask you to spread this invitation only personally and not on public pages on the Internet.

Please contact us, e. g. by mail, if you want to participate.